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Message from Mr. Michael Smithart, Superintendent
Mr. Michael Smithart, Superintendent
Mr. Michael Smithart,


In Opp City Schools, "We Build the Future". This statement is not just a motto, it is a way of life for students, faculty and staff, parents, and community leaders in the city of Opp. Opp City Schools are committed to challenging our students academically while providing opportunities for growth that will allow them to become productive citizens in a democratic society. This challenge of the heart and mind requires the leadership of a highly trained faculty and staff who truly care for children. With supportive parents and students who want to reach the highest standards of excellence, Opp City School's formula for success is the perfect balance. It is because of the unselfish contributions by the faculty, students, and parents that Opp City Schools have upheld a rich tradition of excellence in education while maintaining the feeling of family unity.

Opp City School's tradition of excellence extends to all areas of school life. Opp City Schools have consistently performed at a very high level of academics. Opp City Schools utilize effective and innovative instructional practices to maximize student academic and learning potential. We establish an environment where policies and procedures are consistently enforced and responsible behavior is expected. We provide students with quality programs that encourage lifelong learning. We encourage students to positively participate in school and community activities.

Opp City School's tradition of excellence is evident in our athletic programs. Opp City Schools offer interscholastic sports. Our athletic teams demonstrate our commitment to excellence, while developing leadership and character traits in our young men and women.

Opp City School's tradition of excellence is demonstrated in our commitment to the arts and vocational education. Opp City Schools realizes the importance of arts and vocational education and employs full-time art and music instructors, as well a vocational teachers. The Opp High School "Voices" entertain civic clubs and organizations throughout the year. In addition, the award winning Marching Black and Gold band sponsors the annual Little Big Horn Band Festival. A number of students at Opp Elementary School, Opp Middle School, and Opp High School have received recognition for achievements in art and music.

Opp City Schools commitment to excellence is evident in our beliefs.
     • Every individual is unique, has dignity and worth.
     • High expectations lead to improved performance.
     • All individuals deserve positive recognition and equal opportunities.
     • Creativity should be fostered in the learning environment.
     • Active parental involvement is imperative to the educational process.
     • Learning is lifelong
     • Educators are role models.

These are just a few of the accomplishments and beliefs of the Opp City School System. Opp City Schools, through the efforts of a highly qualified, highly competent, and caring faculty and staff will continue to excel in all aspects of school life. We look forward to the challenges ahead and treasure the opportunity to shape tomorrow's leaders.